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What will you learn?

This course helps Virtualization Engineers, IT Architects, Network Managers, System Administrators, and other IT team members learn how to use Uila in the real-world environment to solve their toughest Application and Infrastructure Challenges that are impacting the availability and performance of their business critical services. In this course you will learn about the Uila Architecture, User Interface, Features, Use Cases and much more.

At the end of the course, you will be quizzed on the Uila solution that you will be trained on and students who pass receive the Uila Certified Specialist certificate from the Uila University.


  • 1

    Introduction to Uila uObserve

    • Introduction

    • Uila Overview

  • 2


    • Uila Architecture Overview

    • Uila Architecture & On-Premise Installation for VMware

    • Uila Saas Installation

  • 3

    User Interface Overview

    • Uila User Interface Overview

    • Settings & Logs

  • 4

    Dashboard Overview

    • Uila Dashboard Overview

  • 5

    Application Performance Monitoring

    • Root Cause Analysis & Troubleshooting

    • Application Dependency Mapping

    • Service Availability & Grouping

    • Multi-Tier Service Grouping

    • End-User Experience Monitoring

    • End-user Experience Monitoring down to the client

    • Application Transaction Analysis-Databases (Oracle, MS-SQL, etc.)

    • Application Transaction Analysis-DNS

    • Application Transaction Analysis-HTTP

    • Change Control Monitoring

  • 6

    Infrastructure Performance Monitoring

    • Storage Analysis

    • CPU Analysis

    • Memory Analysis

    • Infrastructure and Resource Rightsizing

    • VDI Monitoring & Troubleshooting (Includes VMware Horizon session troubleshooting introduced in 4.0)

    • Storage Disk usage

    • Stats Browser

    • Stats Map

    • Process & Physical Server Monitoring

  • 7

    Log Analysis

    • Log Analysis & Observability

  • 8

    Network Analysis

    • Network Analysis

    • Packet Capture: Setup, capture, review

    • Network Device Monitoring

  • 9

    Cyber Threat Monitoring

    • Cyber Threat Monitoring: Application Anomaly Detection

    • Cyber Threat Monitoring: East-West Traffic Movement, Threat Detection & Data Exfiltration

  • 10

    Cloud Migration & Monitoring

    • Monitoring and Troubleshooting a Multi-Cloud Deployment

  • 11

    Uila Alarms & Reports

    • Alarms Overview

    • Setup & execution of Reports

  • 12

    Uila Remediation Action

    • Manual and Automated Remediations

    • Custom Scipting

  • 13

    Uila Configuration

    • Settings & Logs

  • 14

    Uila in Action

    • How to use Uila to identify Network Issues?

    • How to use Uila to identify CPU Performance Issue?

    • How to use Uila to identify Memory Performance Issue?

    • How to use Uila to Identify Storage Performance Issue?

    • How to use Uila to troubleshooting an Application Performance Issue?

    • How to monitor vCPU over Provisioning?

    • Detecting Virtual Packet Drops

    • How to use Uila for Network Security Analytics

    • How to use Uila for Data Center Capacity Planning

    • How to use Uila for Disaster Recovery

    • Use Case: DNS Impact on VDI

    • Customer Success Story: Carolina Biological

    • How to use Uila for Hybrid Cloud pre-migration Assessments?

    • Customer Success Story: Retail

    • Customer Success Story: Large Hospital

    • Use Case: Storage issues impact on VDI

  • 15

    Final Quiz

    • Final Quiz

Sample Chapter

Here is the sample chapter on Uila's Storage Analysis capabilities to give you a quick preview of Uila's online training course.

Uila can help you solve

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  • Application Performance Issues

  • Network Issues

  • Compute Issues

  • Storage Issues

  • End-User Complaints

  • Hybrid Cloud Migration Challenges

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